surf’s up!

the-coast-013.jpgthe-coast-contd-018.jpgfor allie and i, life has been a ‘beach’ lately… literally. 🙂 we’ve been cruising (and bruising :)) on the northern coastal waves of australia. last friday we took the train up to ‘nowra’, a small coastal community where we stayed with allie’s friend amanda and visited the white sands of jervis bay… a surfing, whale-watching paradise. never have i seen such tranquil blue waters, nor such perfectly white sand.

 that sunday allie and i got to record a CD for our mother (who’s still very sick with brain cancer)… then we took the bus down to Kiama, where we parked our bags and behinds in a lovely little motel, bought some groceries, and baked in the warmth of the area. the sun was brilliantly bright, the surf was up, the rolling green hills sheltered us as we lay on the beach and watched humpback whales leap over oceans blue. on monday we took a taxi to “7 mile beach” where we learned how to surf in two hours 🙂 our instructor was a man from Bali who was patient and adept at the board… we both learned how to ride the waves… it was splendid. i didn’t actually expect to get up on the board, but with Duncan watching the waves and telling us when, surfing became a synch (sort of :))…

 we’ll be heading back to Kiama on Thursday; we can’t stay away. this time we’ll be trying our hand at fishing. then it’s back to canada on sunday…. as much fun as backpacking and tanning is, i can’t wait to return to my cute little home in blyth, nor the cute man that awaits me there.

 with love… em.


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  1. Teneale said,

    October 17, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    Wow I’m so jealous. I wish I was surfing! I LOVE surfing. I really want to go this summer again. I’m hoping we will get around to it. I bet Trent is excited to have you home too. I love travelling too, but there is definitly something about coming home…

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