The Porch Perspective

Fulfillment is overrated.


The art of spaciousness is lost on a fast-food nation which seeks to fill what is ‘empty’, when really that void is our saving grace, the chance to find—and nurture—our souls.


We’re living in a soul-less existence feeding on hurry, furry, heedlessly seeking money to buy more things to fill in more time.


Fast food breeds fast cash breeds fast pace breeds fast death. The porch has long been replaced by a ‘deck’ which lets residents step back into society far too easily.


The porch had railings, a rocking chair, a canopy. It was a special space, a haven for hosting thoughts and in those thoughts, salvation from ourselves.


It’s in those ‘empty’ moments we’re forced to face our corporate selves and then, to let such malignant thoughts be vindicated by the soothing sound of silence.


If we don’t stop to watch the sun set, we’ll never truly understand the essence of time. If we don’t stop to listen to birds sing, we’ll never truly know the sound of joy.


Live deliberately by undoing society’s influence, by letting time unravel. Walk along the red carpet of this sacred moment to the place which is peace, simplicity, being.


Then you will know the art of spaciousness.




1 Comment

  1. July 25, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    This is beautiful, Emily. Poetic. Truly in the spirit of SOUL SPACE. You and I are kindred spirits. Are you also a vegetarian? That would be just too many co-incidences!

    Incidentally I do have a porch and not a deck but I usually choose to sit under the linden trees in my big yard and let bugs and blossoms drop on my head. I love looking at the beautiful colour and design of insects. And yesterday I went biking in the country to hear the birds, smell clover, and pray with my legs as I pedalled through creation.

    I hope you are having a great vacation!

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