the soothing voice of rain

the rain pitter-patters like tiny feet across my windowsill. i instinctively crave stillness, to wrap myself up in a fuzzy blanket and remain motionless. why is this? is it the outward confirmation that i cannot rottatill the garden or dig up the potatoes or cut the grass? why should i need an excuse to rest? even as i lie here i’m fighting all instincts to get up and produce. but for what purpose? in the end, what will one more hour of productivity matter? yet for some reason, to this restless heart, it does. and so, my tired body and unsatisfied soul war against the other, until one gives way to the soothing voice of rain.


1 Comment

  1. allison said,

    September 27, 2008 at 2:51 am

    thank God for downpours, for snow days, and for the unexpected freedom to enjoy an extra moment in quiet repose (or a crazy dance in the rain!)…. and for simple -yet persistent- invitations to savour his peace amidst our idolized busyness, and his love of laughter, a warm embrace, a good ol’ snooze 🙂

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