Rat Race Rhyme

As much as I want to I can’t keep my legs from running The rat race that isn’t my life
I want to stop, to jump off, to dare to Hurt myself in the process of getting
Free but I’m afraid and so I Succumb to the endless wheel which Is eating up my soul
Spinning me out of control and making Me hate the life which Isn’t really mine

I’m a tax paying product of society who doesn’t know my left foot from my right
I’m Mother Nature’s worst nightmare with my pads of paper and invoices and receipts
I’m a woman whose only Secret is on her armpits
I’m a Christian without a conscience going to church for the sake of being good
Taking turns at recycling my scheduled days which will soon, all too soon, begin again

Once Sunday is over

Change… sounds tempting. But I’m too chicken-sh** to jump. So instead, I step back into the rat race that isn’t my life and begin to run… With Nowhere as my endless destination.


1 Comment

  1. Auntie D said,

    October 24, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    Wow!! That is pretty deep and yet explains the lives of so many people. We don’t like that wheel in the enclosure and the entrapment that has a hold on us. We used to have gerbals when the kids were small and so this post makes total sense. You are right, Em, in that so many of us often just go through the motions .. and what a sad place that can get to be if we never get off the wheel.

    Have a good day. Love you!

    I do like the “Secret” though … I too have secret under my armpits!! ;o)

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