how will it affect me?

they’re calling it a depression.

nothing much has changed for me yet. nothing save for food prices, sky-high… or the cost of gas–although with our veggie-oil car, that barely fazes.

but my neighbour just lost his job.

i sit here, sip my tea, and wonder: what will it take to fix this fragmented system? and how will it affect me?

people are lining up starved across the US bearing food stamps. the homeless are forming communities. canada’s unemployed is nearing 10 per cent. last month, 22 million chinese lost their source of income.

yet i sit here in my comfy life, contemplating my own sense of security. drinking tea.

will it take a war to heal our bruised nation? war–to mend our depression? it seems paradoxical. yet that’s what they’re saying. World War 1 solved the Great One. the Great cycle of poverty ceased with the onslaught of machine guns firing down the innocent.

what a mixed-up place, that it takes war to ease our battle.

another sip.

what does it matter, should it affect me? the question is rather, how will i affect the depression?


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