all the time in the world

her eyes are especially bright today.

she grips the coffee mug as if it’s her lifeline. dad spoons yogourt into her mouth; tells her quietly about the number of goldfish he spotted in the outdoor pond that morning. mum doesn’t hear him. i pretend not to listen. it’s a private moment.

he leaves, and i help her up. she toddles forward in her long jean skirt and blue sweatshirt, tucked in snugly. mum focuses intently on shuffling forward, while holding my hands. then, we reach the stereo.

classical music.

it’s been playing this whole time, but this is the first mum’s noticed. she stops, begins to sway. bobs her head. sings random syllables with her mouth. her eyes get brighter. we dance. take this moment to celebrate. take this moment to be. together.

as if we have all the time in the world.


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