your kingdom come

the kingdom of God…  present, even now. what does it look like?

… this place of nebulous concepts like love, justice, and mercy… i reach, a tree by flooded stream, stretch my head and crane above the rest but all i see are clouds. fluffy, white, floating. and i wonder, is this it? then i see a bird, branch in hand, and i see God’s provision: his promise to give bread and water while we search for what is more important…

within my womb, baby boy kicks. this too, the kingdom of God… for the least of these.

my mum, breathing I Love You from the black depths of another fuzzy day…. the kingdom amidst the messy.

the Bible calls it a pearl in a field of dirt. so must i abandon all dreams to dig up this pearl? how do i, a self-employed writer, strive to succeed while giving up everything? what is the balance on this precarious walk?

and when my baby arrives: how i do breathe the kingdom of God to him while changing dirty diapers? how do i reflect Light amongst the very daily duties of laundry and kitchen?

Lord, let me continue to stretch tall, tree rooted in streams of water… to bear this pearl about my neck even as i do the day-to-day.



  1. Amy Pearl said,

    August 31, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Hey em =)
    I had to smile as I read your post, because it seems to resound in my heart too, so many times, I’ve often wondered HOW is it that we are too live for Him in our day to day lives, don’t we need to do something “spectacular” or “super Christian” in order to truly be living as Christ desires … but I think it’s really this: That EVERY time that we are Jesus to someone, EVERY time we are His hands and His feet, His Love to ANYONE, His Kingdom advances on this earth. So, take heart my beautiful friend, every time you bless your husband, smile at a stranger, worship in creation or kiss your mother, you are being God’s kingdom right here on earth. It’s simple love.
    love you!

  2. Lydia said,

    August 31, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    Perhaps you are the pearl lodged in the dirty field of life, and it is Jesus who has given up everything to find you–it is He who abandoned all. The work is done already, we simply live in response to the greatest love.

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