seasons of life

i sit quiet in the flush of wind which breathes through open windows. outside the sky is crying. i sit, and let autumn befriend me with its cool moist kiss. summer is fading, waving goodbye on stalks of ever-yellowing corn husks.

once again the earth is being laid bare in anticipation…

we, too, have seasons. soon, i will turn, as if tilled soil, from woman into mother… and in awe of that, i feel my soul being laid bare. stripped clean. ready to have new seeds of life planted deep.

oh be gentle, little one … i am new, as are you, to this way of being. take my hand and we’ll walk down a trail of fallen leaves, out of the rain, into the warmth of autumn sun…


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  1. Teneale said,

    September 18, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    It is a big change, for sure, but you will find that just as the leaves know how to change every year, so will you. The transition will be easier than you think. Nothing is as wonderful as being a Mom. Being a wife is pretty awesome too! Hope your last months of pregnancy are easy on you! Now I need to get my child away from digging around in the garbage! Sigh. WHy can’t he just play with his toys instead of trying to eat garbage, or remote controls or phones…

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