autumn ride


above, angels are airing out feather-ticks across heaven’s blue. fields of ancient corn stalks rustle together to stay warm. trees sport bright red, orange and yellow hair-dos, heads inclined like women gossiping in a salon.

even in my ninth month of making baby, i ride, the bike and i seamless on Huron County highway. for it’s in these moments i calm. it’s in these moments i engage


i clamor for quiet. it nurses me, much as i will soon feed my child…

the asphalt smears black beneath my feet, wind nuzzles my cheek, and i


the sun spinning gold above.

everywhere, God is. he and i commune when i ride. his spirit, on my handlebars. in the corn, in the falling leaf. on the iridescent shaft of light.

i pedal peace,

and my soul stills…

ready to listen.


1 Comment

  1. Linda said,

    October 21, 2009 at 1:02 am

    Yes – in those quiet places and moments. For me it is walking. A time to absorb all the beauty around me, work on my memory verses, pray and just be quiet.

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