i bite hard on my finger as little-boy screams filter into the hospital’s “quiet room”… this place of plush seats and cushions where i’ve been stationed as they circumcise my son.

i sit on the edge of chair and sanity, biting hard, willing my pain to take away his… a mother’s desperate ploy… if not for biting, i would be running, grabbing him from doctor’s hands and storming hospital doors.

yet this blood, his pain, will ultimately make clean, chase away infection… and so i sit, awash in sadness…. kleenex falling in clumps to the floor as i hear his heart rip through his chest… his tiny chest… wishing i could hug away his screams.

only one and a half weeks ago, i shed blood for him… bringing my son’s life into the world… blood making perfect human life…

this, what Christ has done… circumcising sin… giving birth to new life… blood, that we might be clean…

and then, when the sacrifice is over, God holds us close, nurses us–

as i do, my little aiden, when they bring him to me at last… his large eyes begging mine, don’t let me go, mommy… never leave me again. and i promise him with silent stare… soft kiss. and we sit, skin to skin, in the hospital’s quiet room… awaiting the bleeding’s end.


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  1. Linda said,

    November 25, 2009 at 3:25 am

    Oh Emily, it makes me think of the seasons of suffering the Father allows into our lives. I wonder if it hurts Him too, even though He knows it is ultimately for our good.
    You’ve written such a beautiful analogy.

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