mama-need moments

aiden’s sitting in daddy’s lap, sucking on new-found thumb, looking at me. i’m sneaking to kitchen-solitude to paint; setting up canvas, brushes; hear aiden whimpering. daddy’s trying to read to him ‘where the wild things are’ but the wild things aren’t interesting aiden, who’s wanting mommy tonight. trent does his thing, lying down and setting aiden on his knees and talking to him like an adult and usually it makes aiden chuckle adorable baby laughs but tonight, absent looks. then trent tries blowing bubbles but still, nothing. no response save for worried eyes and tired sighs. i remain in the kitchen, painting, begging God, let trent not stop wanting to hang out with his son for these few mama-need moments. finally, he puts aiden in his swing. the momentous back and forth near-puts me to sleep and the colours blur as aiden slurps his thumb and then, makes sleepy sounds. i get up to put him to bed, thinking trent would be tired of his needy son but no, trent is already there, and as he picks aiden up he tells him, “you are so special. so precious. did you know that?” and i sit down with a thud, struck dumb by the sounds of grace.


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  1. Teneale said,

    March 10, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    Aren’t Daddies amazing? Our kids are so lucky to have Dad’s like them! Rob never gets tired of Logan either. And when I need a break, he is so there to help! Praise God for our husbands.

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