this thing called freedom

we ride hard down white mountain path, lake-louise summits rising high scraping heaven’s blue bonnet, and i’m sweating making effort to carve feeling ache in my bones wondering when did i get so old? will i ever move smooth as my husband down below, always waiting, always smiling, ever patient as i find my way across this rocky rivet-grandeur?…

with each passing hour i wait for boarding to ease, i’ve done this before, why is it so hard? i beg for rest, and then, in the last leak of day when the sun is melting ice into slush and children are laughing in the summer-sun-heat i find my groove, and i glide swish, swish, swish, as above an eagle soars and i don’t want to stop, don’t have to watch, stare up into the wings of the air and feel as though i’m flying… i don’t have to think anymore for i get it.

and i hope for this in my spiritual slide from sin into salvation … as life leaks warm into soul, as cold glacier melts into slush of grace, i might find ease of movement, and slowly, let go and look up and see the eagle soaring, feel the spirit descending, and know this thing that i’ve been promised; this thing called freedom.


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  1. Teneale said,

    March 23, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    I remember that feeling of “I get it” when I was first learning to board. The feeling of finally carving instead of pushing and forcing and braking and working so hard. Then you get into your groove and suddenly it is so easy. Its like when you are pushing and forcing and braking against God and suddenly you let Him have HIs way and its so easy. Ah yes, the wind in my face at last.

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