imperfect prose on thursdays


this is going to be a place where we dig word-deep. where we uncover language lure, and breathe poetry. prose. in the name of faith.

i am a writer, and i am a believer. as such, i believe i am called to quality word-ing. to creating beauty. to mastering the literary even as i learn. i want to honor my maker with my gift–and i’m calling all of you writers, artists, sisters and brothers of image and painting and poetry, to join me in this high calling. in this striving to perfect the imperfect prose.

maybe it’s a poem you’ve written, or simply a piece of writing that you want to share. a discovering of God in your week that you want to unravel. maybe it’s a painting you’ve done, or a quote you’ve found, or a photo you’ve taken… or a post of simple writing… maybe you want to talk about how your child has shown you God. how your husband has kissed belief into your heart. how you’re finding it so hard to believe right now, and why… how you wish to be one thing, but find yourself the other… or maybe you want to share a story you’ve written, or a thought you’ve had about the literary world. maybe you’re reading an extraordinary book and you want to discuss that.

we are broken people. let’s celebrate our redemption. let’s make a theology of the arts on thursdays.

if you want to link up with me, just use the button code below, or guide your readers to “in the hush of the moon.”

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